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NBA Talking Points: Week 2

We’re back after another week of NBA basketball, and I’m going to try really hard not to talk about Brandon Jennings this week. But… Really. Please just start watching him play. Wednesday night he battled one of the better point guards in the league—and a strong, mentally tough player that’d theoretically be the perfect foil for him—and absolutely outclassed Chauncey Billups. Jennings had 32 points, 9 assists, and carried the Bucks in the fourth. So, what’s left for Jennings?

Can he make the All-Star game? Can Milwaukee make the playoffs? Can he average 20-10 as a rookie? Is it too late for John Wall to follow in his footsteps and hone his game in Europe for a year? A lot of hypotheticals for now, but only because Jennings has rendered the concrete questions about his game moot. To use some announcer cliches: The guy can play, this kid is really, really special, and we’re talking about a true gamer. All incredibly lame descriptors, but also completely true. 

With that, let’s move on to what the NBA’s talking about… We decided to do this a little bit differently this week, with each talking point divided into its own section. At the top, you can click on any of the links to jump to that section, or you could read it as nature intended, and just go chronologically. Or you could simply not read it and go check out our fitness blog, Male Pattern Fitness; that’s cool, too.