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SB Nation's Bobcats And Warriors Blogs React To Jackson Trade

Over at SB Nation's Charlotte Bobcats blog, Rufus on Fire, David Arnott predictably wonders why the Bobcats are making yet another short-term move:

Here's hoping the Bobcats are planning to flip Jackson for more than they would have gotten for Bell alone. I love Cap'n Jack's game, but the Cats can't delude themselves into thinking he's the go-to scorer our mix of talent is missing.

Good luck with that. The Warriors spent two months desperately trying to move Jackson for any package they could get. I strongly doubt Charlotte's going to fare any better on that front.

Assuming the Bobcats didn't just get Jackson to trade him, then, as Arnott writes, this is yet another short-term fix for a team that desperately needs a long-term plan.

There's no way they intend to keep Jackson and build with him, is there? We traded an expiring contract and a two year contract for an expiring contract and a three year contract, which fits in with Charlotte's M.O. the past couple seasons.

We're a better team right now, assuming Jackson will actually play for Charlotte. Are we better positioned for the future?

Meanwhile, SB Nation's Golden State Warriors blog, Golden State of Mind, says what everyone is probably thinking right now.

My second thought: Good luck playing for a winner "Captain"!

You might recall that, when Jackson initially made his trade demand, he wanted to go to a winning team like Cleveland, Dallas or San Antonio. Instead, he's going to a franchise that hasn't won more than 35 games in its history. However, according to ESPN's Ric Bucher, Jackson is okay with his new club (for now at least).


I'm guessing that Jackson won't feel so good about the situation once Larry Brown jumps on him for launching ill-advised shots, but that's just me.