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McGrady, Adelman Say Their Discussion Wasn't Heated

Was the argument between Tracy McGrady and Rick Adelman over when McGrady returns to the lineup even an argument? Jonathan Feigen of the Houston Chronicle quotes both parties saying that it wasn’t. Both say they did have a discussion, but it didn’t get heated.

“It’s not even an issue,” McGrady said. “If coach tells you something different, I’d be surprised. I’m here to play basketball. I’m not here to be a distraction. I’ve been through enough of that drama last year. I’m not going to let it start this year, at all.”

McGrady said that voices were not raised during their conversation.

“No question about it,” he said. “I’m not that type of person and you know coach is not.”

Adelman did not seem upset on Wednesday. McGrady had gone through his usual pregame workout before he returned to the locker room and later changed into his uniform while Adelman conducted his pregame media interview. Adelman later laughed when told that McGrady was in uniform.

Adelman said on Friday that when they met, the conversation did not get loud, but that McGrady did not want to wait for next week to make his season debut.

Later in the article, McGrady said he only put on his jersey because he was “excited” and because he felt it was “refreshing” to don it. I don’t know if I believe that one. But I do believe that it’s possible Adrian Wojnarowski’s “sources” misinterpreted the tone of the conversation.