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Rockets Team Doctor: McGrady's MRI Revealed Nothing New

The results from the MRI that Tracy McGrady was scheduled to get yesterday came back, and the news was good for McGrady.

According to Rockets head orthopedic surgeon Dr. Walter Lowe, McGrady's MRI revealed no additional damage, meaning McGrady is on a normal course of recovery.'s Jason Friedman quotes Lowe on his Twitter account:

Statement from Rockets Head Orthopedic Dr. Walter Lowe following Rockets G Tracy McGrady’s MRI: ”Today's MRI showed no change from the test previously conducted in September. Tracy is on a normal course of recovery and has the expected level of performance for someone at his stage following microfracture surgery. We will continue to monitor his progress over the coming weeks to ensure that pain and swelling are kept to a minimum after further periods of practice participation."

McGrady's healthy now and he's practicing, yet there's no timetable for his return yet.  This makes no sense ... until you consider that the Rockets are rolling along just fine without him.  Might that say something about how much the Rockets really want McGrady back?  I won't come out and say it, but you guys can put two and two together.