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Adrian Wojnarowski: Kiki Vandeweghe As Nets Coach "Most Likely Scenario"

Yahoo's super reporter Adrian Wojnarowski is reporting that the Nets have offered their coaching job to GM Kiki Vandeweghe and will likely bring aboard veteran Del Harris as his lead assistant.


Wojnarowski reports that Vandeweghe is currently milling the offer over and will only take the job if he's joined by a veteran assistant coach (hence, Harris being included in the package deal).  Wojnarowski also threw out P.J. Carlisemo's name as someone who might be that veteran assistant.

The funny thing about this is that if Del Harris does come aboard, it means that he will have voluntarily gone from being an assistant coach on a playoff team (the Chicago Bulls) to being an assistant coach on the worst team in the league, as Kelly Dwyer notes



That reflects badly on the Bulls, Harris, or both.  Probably both.