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Notre Dame AD Jack Swarbrick Discusses Weis Firing

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Notre Dame's athletic director, Jack Swarbrick, held a lengthy press conference Monday evening, in which he addressed the timing of the firing (Weis knew it was coming), the criteria the Irish brass will be looking for in a replacement (winning games while staying well away from the lush fields of partial qualifiers would be swell), and the progress of the search itself, which is where we find this interesting tidbit:

Q. Have any potential candidates been approached in any way, shape or form?

JACK SWARBRICK: Absolutely not.

Q. So as of right now, no contact has been made in any way?


You know what this means, right? The writing's on the wall. Bob Stoops AND Urban Meyer will be hired as co-head coaches before the week is out. They're just playing it coy.  Real coy.