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Throwback Uniforms: Colorado Buffaloes (1930)


On September 19, 2009, the Colorado Buffaloes donned uniforms from the 1930's in their game against Wyoming. Why? Because the city of Colorado had two running backs in the 1930's who led the nation in rushing, and because 2009 is the 150th anniversary -- or the sesquicentennial -- of the city of Boulder, where the University of Colorado is located. Why exactly did they choose 80 year-old outfits to honor the 150th birthday of the city? Uh... hmm... meh, whatever.

The point is that Colorado crushed Wymong, 24-0, and it was all (not really) thanks to the jerseys. So, should the replica jerseys stay for good, or should they have been left in the past? Find out after the jump...


Colorado looked pretty odd wearing silver and gold. But the team was in desperate need for a change, having lost the first two games of the year. Here, wide receiver Scotty McKnight makes a reception for a first down.


The C's on the side of the helmet are an interesting look. Nowadays, the team has a buffalo with the team's initials on the side.


According to the Denver Post's recap of this game, "Colorado wore throwback uniforms with silver pants to honor the 1930 teams led by Kayo Lam and Byron "Whizzer" White that put CU on the national football map." I'll admit that college football isn't my forte, but I am skeptical that those football teams put the program on the map. The team had one season in 1937 where they went 8-1, they moved up to a higher division, and then they sucked it up for basically the next 30 years. If that's what it takes to get on the football map, then the map must be pretty damn easy to get on. But hey, I'll trust the Post.


Ralphie V, the Colorado mascot, is rushed onto the field to begin the game. I'm not sure what happened to Ralphie's I through IV, but I'm sure they were delicious.


As you'd expect from an 80 year-old uniform, the Buffaloes digs were pretty basic. But at least they had presence of mind to put something on their helmet, so at least they were identifiable. A lot of pro football teams went years and years without a logo on their helmets -- the Cleveland Browns still don't have one. Final score: they're okay. Not good, not great. I look forward to seeing these again in 2030 when the old team is honored for real.

Final Grades:

Classic Colorado home uniform: C

Photos taken by Doug Pensinger, Getty Images