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Tracy McGrady Doing Well In All-Star Voting Despite Not Playing

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I've always hated popularity contests.  Why?  For one, I never won them when I was younger, being a scrawny little sports dork and all.  For another, the general public tends to be pretty ... well ... I'll just leave it at this


So imagine my dismay when I read that Tracy McGrady, who has played exactly zero minutes in almost a full calendar year, is currently second among Western Conference guards in votes.  That means that if voting ended today, Tracy McGrady would start in the all-star game.  Steve Nash?  Nope.  Chris Paul.  Try again.  Brandon Roy.  Nuh-uh.  Damien Wilkins?  Just making sure you were paying attention.


The sad part is that I don't even know if this is worse than voting in an injured Vince Carter or an injured Penny Hardaway (and yes, both have happened before).  So, in honor of this traveshamockery, I'm officially on board with Rufus on Fire's campaign to get Gerald Wallace, a deserving candidate, into the all-star game.  VOTE CRASH!