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UC Trustee Confirms Brian Kelly's Departure

The Cincinnati Enquirer has confirmation from a University trustee that yes, finally, officially, for real this time, Brian Kelly is a goner. No contract details available just yet, but Notre Dame athletic department employees are already being groomed for their new daddy’s arrival, like the kids in The Sound of Music prepping to sing for the Baroness. This might end up being the best turn of events for all involved — to hear star speedster Mardy Gilyard tell it, there’s consternation in the Bearcat ranks concerning how this all went down:

“I feel like there was a little lying in this thing, I feel like he’s known the whole time. I kind of had a gut feeling that he was going to stay because he told me he was going to be here. But it is what it is. He made a business decision,” Gilyard said.

Gilyard said that Kelly told the players before the Pittsburgh game that he wasn’t going anywhere.

As weirdly aboveboard as Kelly’s been about this whole affair, remember that he’s a football coach and not a normal human being, and that what’s forthright for him is still a mite shady for the rest of us. It’s understandable that telling your players you’re in it for the long haul might cause some confusion when you blow town. (Hey, at least Cincy already sold out their Sugar Bowl ticket allotment.)