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Brian Kelly Owes Cincy A Million Bucks

If you'll check your calendar, it is December 11th, 2009, a date coming before January 10, 2010. The sequence is important because Kelly, by leaving the Cincy job before 1/10, now by contract owes Cincy a million dollars for taking the ND job. It's going to have to be a Kia Rondo with a bow on it in the driveway for Christmas this year, honey*

Drew Magary says Kelly has one particularly intimidating factor awaiting him in South Bend:


There he is: Right over the end zone. He’s staring at you. Always. He’ll be watching you. Keeping tabs on you. Searching for imperfections. The son of Our Lord is a micromanager like that.

No pressure, Coach Kelly. Nope.

*We kid! Even minus a mil the $3 million or so in ND's contract allows Kelly to purchase something really ritzy for Mrs. Kelly. Like, a Ford Escape or something <---is broke and has no idea what a really nice car is.