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At Least One Man In Cincinnati Is Freaking Out

Now that Cincinnati head coach Brian Kelly is officially ex-Cincinnati coach Brian Kelly, scorn is spilling into the Ohio River like lava. Our Notre Dame blog, Rakes of Mallow, listened into Cincinnati radio host Bill Cunningham’s show, and he has reported back with amazing findings. Among the highlights:

  • Cunningham has called for the crucifixion of Brian Kelly. Literally.
  • He’s renounced Notre Dame’s standing as a Catholic university.
  • He compared Kelly’s actions to those of the Japanese during Pearl Harbor.
  • He has, in part, “lost his faith in Christ”.
  • He’s taken a call from a lawyer named “Bulldog” who is currently racing around a Cincinnati courthouse trying to find a judge to sign an injunction that would (1) prevent the presser from happening, and (2) prevent Kelly from coaching at Notre Dame by claiming breach of contract.

Read the rest of the post for even more insanity. Also, be sure to check out Rakes of Mallow’s impassioned defense of Kelly’s hiring.