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Kansas City Chiefs Report

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Matt Cassel
The leader of the Chiefs offense is always a hard player to predict because he, along with the rest of the offense, has been so inconsistent.  Last week, Cassel had a rough game with four interceptions so look for him to rebound a little bit. He shouldn't be your first option because the Chiefs offense is one of the worst in the NFL but look for him to throw for around 200 yards with at least one touchdown.

Jamaal Charles
Charles has been a nice fantasy surprise down the stretch.  He's been getting more and more carries as the season goes along.  The Chiefs have taken him off kick return duty so he can focus on rushing the ball.  He should push 100 yards and continue his streak of five consecutive games with a touchdown.

Dwayne Bowe
He's back from suspension and the head coach has said he needs to learn some of the new offensive playcalls they've put in since he's been gone.  Still though he was a favorite target of Cassel before the suspension so I imagine that to continue.  Things might be a little rough early on, but he could still get 50-75 yards receiving.  Cassel is solid in the red zone and Bowe's a big target so he should get some looks down there as well.

Chris Chambers
Here's the wildcard.  Chambers really came on during Bowe's suspension so his fantasy output with Bowe back is the big unknown.  He and Cassel have developed a rhythm and I expect that to be interrupted slightly with the return of Bowe.  If you've gotta pick between Chambers and Bowe, go with Bowe.

Chiefs Defense
Brady Quinn has surprisingly been protective of the football in the last month so I suspect they'll employ a somewhat conservative gameplan in order to avoid turnovers. The Chiefs should create at least one turnover and one sack.