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San Diego Chargers Report

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Philip Rivers - Although the Bengals have a great CB tandem that could limit big plays for Malcom Floyd and Vincent Jackson, they haven't been able to cover TEs all season.  The Bengals run D is one of the league's best, so expect lots of passing from the very efficient Rivers.

LaDainian Tomlinson - If you haven't done it already, SIT LT!  Although he's been getting TDs at a rapid pace, he has yet to face a D like Cincinnati's.

Antonio Gates - In his last 3 games, Gates had 3 TDs and 329 yards.  Add in the fact that the Bengals have struggled covering TEs in the middle of the field all season, and it's easy to predict another big day for Gates.

Vincent Jackson - Although he's going up against some great CBs, start him anyways.  VJ has a history of having his best games in the final weeks of the regular season and in the playoffs.  Also, I could see Rivers throwing it 50 or so times in this game, and Jackson is bound to get a few of those.

Defense - Go ahead and start the SD defense.  They've been good, if not great, during this 8 game winning streak and they're facing a Bengals offense that doesn't put up a lot of points.  You could make an argument that emotions from Chris Henry's death will push Cincy's offense further, but it could also force them to come out flat and emotionally drained.