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Adrian Wojnarowski On Tracy McGrady Situation: 'This Farce Needs To End'

Kudos to Yahoo’s Adrian Wojnarowski for telling it like it is in his column on the Tracy McGrady saga.

This farce needs to end.

And it really does. There’s no way that a former superstar like McGrady, who, as Wojnarowski writes, hasn’t yet realized that his skills are rapidly declining, and a team like the Rockets, who have been succeeding in large part due to their precious chemistry, were going to work well together like this. They need to part ways.

Wojnarowski takes the Rockets to task for how they’ve handled the whole situation. Rockets fans are upset at McGrady for his behavior, and I don’t blame them, but the Rockets deserve criticism for holding McGrady out for longer than he would have liked and jerking around his minutes once he did get back. They tried to make it appear like they were doing McGrady right, but they really weren’t.

For T-Mac and the Rockets, this is a deteriorating partnership that’s becoming increasingly combustible. His comeback has been a futile, pointless exercise this season. "I don’t understand their plan," one NBA coach said Sunday. "Why bring him back at all to play eight minutes? They should send him away because it’s obvious Rick doesn’t want him around."

Two sources told Wojnarowski that the likely end result of McGrady’s agent’s talks with the Rockets over the next couple of days is McGrady leaving the team and returning to train with Tim Grover in Chicago. It seems pretty unprecedented, but it probably makes the most sense for both parties.