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Cincy Jungle On Pro Bowl Roster: No Bengals? Really?

The Bengals are 10-5 and have already clinched a spot in the playoffs by winning the AFC North. The Ravens, Steelers and Browns -- teams against which the Bengals are 6-0 -- had a combined nine players selected for the 2010 Pro Bowl. Surely Cincinnati would get at least one player in, right? Right?

Wrong. Not one Bengal will be representing the AFC in the Pro Bowl. 

Cincy Jungle concedes that the team maybe doesn't have a dominating offensive player, their defense surely deserved at least one representative.

The biggest snub, perhaps in the NFL, is Johnathan Joseph and Leon Hall. Yes, I'm a homer. I'm by default a Bengals fan. Darrelle Revis, Nnamdi Asomugha and Champ Bailey, all fine cornerbacks, were selected. Let's compare them with the Bengals corners.

Interceptions Passes Defensed Tackles
Johnathan Joseph 6 26 66
Leon Hall 6 30 67
Darrelle Revis 6 37 54
Champ Bailey 3 16 72
Nnamdi Asomugha 1 5 34


If you compare these five, then Hall and Joseph rank in the top three in interceptions, passes defensed and tackles. In fact, Nnamdi Asomugha, as great as he may be, has absolutely no reason to be included here. No one throws to him because he's so good. Fine. Should someone be rewarded because of intimidation factor being the best corner in the game in the previous seasons? Was that the popularity vote? He's a great corner, but is he more deserving than Hall or Joseph, who largely were thrown on and bested nearly every receiver they faced, almost always in single-coverage situations?

Fortunately, Cincy Jungle isn't taking the whole situation too seriously, calling the Pro Bowl "a farce." Chad Ochocinco added his thoughts on getting snubbed earlier in the evening, via Twitter.

Just been informed myself nor any of my teammates made the Pro Bowl-bengal fans we wouldn't be abe to play in it anyway! SUPER BOWL BABY!!!

Pro Bowl year after year with nothing else to look forward to--this year no pro bowl but a chance at The Lombardi-damit ill take it-WHO DEY