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The Beef O'Brady's Bowl Is Not An Elaborate Internet Prank

Brace yourselves, gentle readers, because we spent the entire day thinking this was an inexplicably popular Twitter joke and weren't quite ready to be rocked by the reality:  Introducing ... the Beef O'Brady's Bowl?

The St. Petersburg Bowl is now the Beef 'O' Brady's Bowl, after the restaurant chain signed a two-year sponsorship deal with bowl organizers.↵

"We're honored to partner with the leader in sports to bring a great event to our home town," said Beef 'O' Brady's president Nick Vojnovic.


Traditionally pitting the 6th-place team in the Big East against the 5th-ranked team in Conference USA., the St. Pete was previously sponsored by magicJack, and having never figured out exactly what magicJack is or does, we can't tell whether or not this is a step up. If you need motivation to tune in, though, this year's participants, Rutgers and Central Florida, are actually No. 4 and No. 2 in their respective conferences. It's the kind of value-priced postseason action that any purveyor of mini corn dogs would be proud to slap its name on.