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Duke Totally BURRRNS Heels With Cheer Sheets

↵The Cameron Crazies are famous, or infamous, for their cheer sheets. As you’d expect, they’re typically riddled with hardcopy evidence that prove just how totally cool Duke students are. ↵

↵Last night was no different. You may have heard them chanting in unison various things every time a UNC player was at the line. On TV, these chants were difficult to make out. Thankfully, FanHouse’s Will Brinson was in the house and managed to steal one of the actual cheer sheets. It does not disappoint: ↵

↵⇥[Ed] Davis: Daddy's boy! or Roy's third choice
↵⇥[Wayne] Ellington: Gerald's better!
↵⇥[Danny] Green: You can't dance!
↵⇥[Tyler] Hansbrough: You flop! You wine!* You travel every time! or Tyler travels! Every time!
↵⇥[Ty] Lawson: Ty fought the Law, and the Law won!
↵⇥[Roy] Williams: Roy is diz-zy! Clap, Clap, Clap-Clap-Clap ↵
↵HA! You see what they did there? They made fun of Roy Williams’ vertigo medical condition. Genius! Roy will never recover from such verbal taunts. Although their chant for Maryland’s coach -- “sweat, Gary, sweat!” -- is slightly more cut-throat. I mean, can you imagine how awful that must be for Gary Williams, knowing that everyone sees him sweating inside a sweltering arena while coaching a basketball game in a full business suit? Embaaarrrrasssing. ↵

↵Speaking of Maryland, are Duke’s cheer sheets better or worse than the Terps’ cheers, which basically involve stringing together as many offensive words as possible and hurling them in the direction of Duke players? ↵


↵*That Duke education is really paying off. I believe the word they were looking for was “whine.” Unless they meant to imply that Hansbrough is drunk on the court, which could explain the traveling issues. ↵ ↵


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