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Find Out the Color of Rick Pitino's Skivvies

↵Current weather conditions for Freedom Hall: white-out. Visibility: low. The Louisville faithful have repeated the ever-popular white party gimmick, with almost everyone in attendance of today's hosting of Marquette donning white garments. (I really wish they'd spring for an albino cardinal costume for the mascot, though. Commit to the concept!) As always, the white-out represents a magnificent commitment to innocence and purity, two hallmarks of college basketball.
↵While his bum assistant coaches opt for light grey or tan, Rick Pitino has again answered the call with a lovely white suit as seen above. You may remember that Pitino tried this last season, too, only to change into a dark suit at halftime. The reason? ↵
↵⇥"The real reason was because it was very hot in there and I was sweating like crazy,” he said. “Not having worn a white linen suit since my first communion, no one told me when you’re sweating you can’t wear blue ‘filters’ (underwear). I was about to look ridiculous.” ↵
↵It's halftime in Kentucky, and the Cards are in a dogfight, leading the Eagles 28-25. Judging by Marquette counterpart Brent Williams' dripping dome, Pitino is on the verge of perspiration. Lord I hope dude didn't go commando.
↵UPDATE: Pitino must have invested in wicking undergarments. Louisville held on to win, and no one saw through Pitino's suit. Total success.↵

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