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Marion Barber Understands the Art of Tipping

Not all athletes understand tipping, even those who could afford to leave a generous tip at every meal and still go home to sleep atop their huge pile of Euros, dollars, and assorted world currencies without pain. Pity them: they'll spend their time in hell serving Appletinis to grumpy old women who demand free breadsticks every two seconds. ↵

↵Marion Barber will meet no such fate. He enters the pantheon of great athlete tippers by leaving a $3,000 tip on a $14,000 bill at New York City bar M2, a generous 20% plusser in hard economic times. How the one-man economic recovery package racked up such a mammoth bill is easily deduced: bottle service for up to 15 at Club M2 Ultralounge runs up to $1425 for instant access and four bottles of booze, but double that number, get your own room, and start piling on the booze and pretty soon you've put the hammer down on 10 grand rather easily. ↵


↵How do we know this? Because being wealthy is just like being you, but with two extra zeros at the end of your bar tab, and crappier alcohol. Also, when Marion Barber stands on the table and begins ranting incoherently during a night out at a bar, they calmly urge him to sit down instead of tasing him and waiting for the cops to arrive. See if you get anymore of my hard-earned blogging bucks, Applebees! ↵


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