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Scouting report: Jamon Meredith

Jamon Meredith

6'5, 289 pounds | South Carolina | Offensive tackle

Meredith is an athletic player for a left tackle. He has long arms that almost always properly extends and puts in the right spot between an opponent's shoulders. Has quick feet and a good kick slide, which allows him to seal off against outside rushers. Solid cut blocker. Plays with excellent awareness and can adjust to blitz nicely. Has started all over the line, at both tackle spots and left guard. Started 38 games in his career, including 28 in a row. Has some upside after playing defensive end in high school.

Weaknesses: At times, Meredith's motor is inconsistent and he'll get off the line slowly. Needs to bend at the knees better, particularly in pass protection. He'll often bend at the waist and then get too high in his stance. Aggressiveness against the run goes in and out. Not especially strong and would be one of the lightest offensive linemen in the league. Needs to bulk about 20 pounds, but he does have the frame for growth. Sat out two games at the start of the season for eligibility and missed a couple more due to an ankle injury. Doesn't work very well on the move, which could indicate he's better suited for right tackle.

Final word: Meredith's success in the NFL is based solely on how hard he wants to work. If he continues to lack aggression, he won't make it at the next level. If he gets his head into the game, he has the tools to be a quality offensive tackle. Had problems with eligibility even with a 3.75 grade-point average, which is alarming.

Round projection: 2