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Detroit Willing to Do Whatever it Takes to Keep Precious Thanksgiving Day Game

With the Cowboys and Lions always playing on Thanksgiving Day, and the recent addition of the NFL Network’s rotating night game, we’re always assured the possibility of at least two good games while eating ourselves into an early grave. I say two, of course, because the Lions are guaranteed to be blown out by whomever is playing them. Those three hours are designated nap time. ↵

↵It seems this will remain the case, despite cries from some that the worst franchise in professional football should not have a stranglehold on this annual nationally televised prime spot: ↵

↵⇥The Lions’ Thanksgiving Day game is not on the agenda for the NFL annual meeting March 22-25 in Dana Point, Calif., league spokesman Greg Aiello said. ↵⇥

↵⇥So the owners will not discuss taking away the game from the Lions unless someone raises the issue unexpectedly, Aiello confirmed. [...] ↵⇥


↵⇥In a town-hall meeting with season-ticket holders in late January, new Lions coach Jim Schwartz, the Titans’ defensive coordinator in that last blowout, said he wanted to put “barbed wire” around the game and not give anyone reason to talk about taking it away. ↵⇥

↵Hopefully, it will take more than barbed wire to hold a nation of NFL fans hostage every Thanksgiving. Not like we have any reason to talk about taking the game away from Detroit -- they’ve only lost by double-digits in their last five Thanksgiving Day games, including losing by 37 last year.↵

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