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Recent Draft History: Arizona Cardinals


 2008 Draft:

1 (16) Domonique-Rodgers-Cromartie, CB  STARTER
Cromartie definitley lived up to his first rounb billing, first stepping into the starter role, and then stepping onto the biggest stage inthe NFL in the SuperBowl.  While he still has some parts of his game he could work on, he showed the ability to be not just the top rookie for the Cards, or a top player on the team, but one of the best in the NFL.
2 (50) Calais Campell, DE  Backup
Campell made maximum use of limited reps, by being both a  playmaker on special teams and in rare defensive snaps.  By staying healthy and productive, he looks to have earned a chance to start at DE in the new 3-4 look.
3 (81) Early Doucet, WR  Backup
A groin strain put him behind the eightball early in Arizona, and he barely managed to see the field at all, being deactivated msot of the time.  However, with the superior depth at WR, Arizona may be hoping to keep him around, since he proveds the reliable sure handed play that can be effective coming cold off the bench.
4 (116) Keeny Iwebema, DE  Backup
Not quite the upside of Campbell, Iwebama didn't get the chance to impress on STs, but still managed to produce ont eh Dline in relief duty to injured starters at DE and DT.  His size and strength make him a versatile complement to the 3-4 line, and he will likely be a solid backup there.
5 (149) Tim Hightower, RB  STARTER
THough he may end up being part of a committee at RB for the Cards, Hightower proved that he is part of their starting offensive packages.  After a redhot start he definitely cooled off after being named the starter, but all signs point toward a solid player with a bright future in Arizona.  With Edge likely on his way out, it is only a question of how Arizona is able to replace him, in dealing with where Hightower ranks against the other runners.
6 (185) Chris Harrington, DE  Backup
After earning a spot on the practice squad harrington was poached by the Bengals.
7 (225) Brandon Keith, OT  Backup
He hasn't been given much of a look, but the Cardinal's line caught some grief in 2008 and he might be looked at as an upgrade for the running game.

 2007 Draft:

1 (5) Levi Brown, OT  STARTER
For a top 5 pick, Brown gives up too many sacks and too many penalties, and is still inconsistent vs. speedy edge rushers.  The big guy is certainly starter caliber, but Arizona has to start asking themselves if it isn't possible to upgrade the position.
2 (33) Alan Branch, NT  Backup
Costing the team 2 draft picks means that production is lamost a necessity, but Branch appears to be mostly a dissapointment in Arizona.  When he had the chance to step in as a starter he failed to take advantage of the opportunity and eventually was deactivated in favor of others.  A classic case of underacheiving, Branch could be a huge asset with the team switching to a 3-4, but all signs point towards needing to hedge your bets against this guy.
3 (69) Buster Davis, LB  Backup/Colts
After a slow start in training camp, Davis was eventually released, but in an interesting turn of events he refused to be resigned by the Cardinals to their practice squad.  Eventually he would sign to a practice squad, though it was with Detroit, and then immediately upon being released by Detroit he was picked up by the Colts.
5 (142) Steve Breaston, WR/KR  STARTER
Though brought on as an underwhelming KR, Breaston showed flashes and vowed to work hard in the offseason to be prepared to come in and compete in 2008, and admirably he did just that.  A great 2008 season has led to him being a solid option in the passing game, and his development makes the team less beholden to the desires of two highly paid WRs.
7 (215)Ben Patrick, TE  Backup
Patrick has grown steadily into a solid role on the team, coming in and producing in the place of injured starters for two years.  Should have a long term spot on the team.

 2006 Draft:

1 (10) Matt Leinart, QB  Backup
This pick hasn't been what it was hoped to be, not by a longshot.  Instead of entering his fourth year as a starter, Lienart enters his fourth year of holding a clipboard, and some question whether he is really even worthy of his backup spot.  With Kurt Warner solidly entrenched as the MAN in Arizona,  Lienart will have to deal with an upcoming contract and the fact that after the job was literally handed to him, several times, he failed to come through even once.
2 (41) Deuce Lutui, RG  STARTER
While not the most disciplined lineman Lutui has held onto his starting job tenaciously, starting all but one game.  His strength is definitely in the running game, and while an upgrade in the passing game may be imaginable, he likely will continue to hold onto his spot.
3 (72) Leonard Pope, TE  Backup
Pope palyed inconsistently through three years, and now is looking at his RFA year as essentially a one year contract to stay healthy and keep his production high.  When healthy he is one of the best options, but as it is, he will likley be looking elsewhere come 2010.
4 (107) Gabe Watson, NT  STARTER
After a relatively slow development a freak treadmill accident looked to sideline Watson, and he never made it back into the starting lineup until the Cardinals had advanced all the way ot the playoffs.  But as the going got tough, Watson was seen as a key contributor, helping the Cardinals shut down the run.  At his size he could be a key to anchor the NT position for the Cardinals, and if his play in the SuperBowl run is any indication, he should be a force at the position.
5 (142) Brandon Johnson, OLB  Backup/Cincinnati
After only limited opportuniteis to produce in one year with Arizona, he was eventually picked up to provide depth the much-maligned linebacking corp in Cincinnati.
6 (177) Johnathon Lewis, DT  Backup/Detroit
A rough start for Lewis where he saw only limited action in four games.  He would be cut and end up on the raiders practice squad before again being cut and finding his way onto the Seahawks roster.  After a brief stay there he finally caught on with the 0-16 Lions.  There wouldn't appear to be anywhere else to go at this point.
7 (218) Todd Watkins, WR  Backup/Raiders
After spending most of his rookie year on the practice squad Watkins went to the Falcons PS, and finally was released and picked up by the Raiders.