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Introducing The NASCAR Ranting and Raving NASCAR Pool


Its been a while in the works, but it is finally here The NASCAR Ranting and Raving NASCAR Pool powered by NASCAR Pools Online.

Let me tell you, the people over at NASCAR Pools Online have been great in organizing this free NASCAR Pool.  Yep I said free.

As much as I like to take the credit for this pool, it has been NASCAR Pools Online that has done most of the work so I've got to give them the credit that is due.

So you think you can pick the winning team and be the Rick Hendrick of the NASCAR Pool world?  Then go to and sign up today!

All the info, rules, prizes etc. are outlined there.  To be honest with you this is more of a 'bragging rights' kind of pool rather than anything else so don't expect huge cash prizes because there aren't any.

So what are you waiting for?  Get over there now and sign up.

Oh and don't forget to enter The Dale Contest too!