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TSB at the ACC Tourney: UNC-VA Tech, First Half

Spencer hall is courtside at the ACC Tournament. He is currently irritated at the spotty wireless. ↵

↵We're underway here in Atlanta, where a smattering of fans actually had to sit in the upper deck due to ticket demand. Recession, be gone: that's decent attendance, but Carolina is in the building, and their fans have occupied a baby blue block of stands taking up half of the building today. You could probably fit an additional two to three ACC football championship crowds in here at least. ↵


↵Thus far they've watched Virginia Tech annoy the Tarheels into dysfunction. They've blocked shots, extended possessions through rebounds and pure hustle, and most importantly have put the clamps on Beaker Hansbrough for the moment. From courtside you can hear audible "MI MI MI MI MIs" (cause that’s the sound Beaker makes, you see?) of frustration as hands swipe at every inbound pass to him. Offensively, they're grinding, slowing things down and keeping this at a tussle, not an exchange of haymakers. ↵


↵As far as heckling: Virginia Tech is running away with it. After a long drought on Carolina fouls, a call against the 'Heels earned a standing ovation dripping with sarcasm from the crew behind me, who have been counting Hansbrough's steps out loud. I don't know what they're angry about, as the rules are clear: Tyler Hansbrough gets to run with the ball without dribbling, and everyone else doesn't get to do that. ↵


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