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LeBron Unenthused About Facing NY in Playoffs

So LeBron's most likely not headed to sign in New York. But he definitely loves playing at MSG—the massive numbers he puts up there tell the story, even if he didn't see fit to wax eloquent about the Mecca afterward. How's this for a compromise: The Cavs kick off what should be a run deep into the playoffs against the Knicks. Now that's a 1/8 series that, for a change, would be must-watch material. ↵
↵James, whose eyes usually light up at the mention of ball in Gotham, is certainly playing it cool. From Newsday ↵So does LeBron notice the race for 8th, which includes the Knicks? ↵
↵⇥“I can’t say I don’t," he said candidly before Sunday's game. "I look at the standings, we see the standings in our locker room. I’m a fan of the game so I’m watching basketball games every day and they have the standings ... So you do follow it and see who could be the matchup. I think our main focus right now is to try to win out and get better every day and win as many games as possible to put us in the position to have home court throughout the playoffs.” ↵
↵When pressed on the Knicks issue, James once again dismissed it: “It don’t matter who we play. Wherever we finish, we’re ready to play anybody.” Now, maybe this is James trying to make up for some of the excess enthusiasm he's shown in the past toward NYC. Maybe it's a good way to deflect any questions about a possible move to the Knicks. Or maybe, caught up in the thick of a banner year for his Cavs, Bron just can't bring himself to think about image, symbolism, and even marketing. ↵
↵It's the third possibility that should have Cleveland fans -- and in truth, all NBA enthusiasts -- especially stoked to see James in the playoffs this season.↵

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