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Photoshoppers at DirecTV, SI Think Alike

A couple weeks ago, we all went crazy for Sports Illustrated’s Elite Eight cover, which featured one player from each of the eight teams, all Photoshopped simultaneously going after a rebound. Apparently, it wasn’t just the internet that loved the idea for the cover -- DirecTV, in the latest issue of ESPN the Magazine, went with something awfully similar: ↵

↵ ↵


↵Of course, this is probably just a big coincidence given the timing of the SI cover and this ad. I would guess DirecTV submitted this to ESPN before SI ever hit the shelves. Regardless, the DirecTV ad gives me the chance to present an alternate version (after the jump), as I did with the SI cover ... because we really don't have much time left to make fun of Greg Paulus. (We’re gonna miss you next year, buddy.)  ↵


↵ ↵ ↵


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