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Traveling the Nation

This is a look around the SB Nation football blogs for the best draft-related content.

Carolina could be close to trading defensive end Julius Peppers to New England for the 34th pick in the draft. My feeling is that Carolina may as well get rid of him since he doesn't appear to want to sign an extension. Clearly Carolina would need a pass rusher. Could Michael Johnson of Georgia Tech be thought of here? Some consider him the second coming of Peppers.

MtnExile at Canal Street Chronicles says the Saints should use Bill Walsh's strategy from 1986 draft to stockpile a lot of picks. This is a good idea, but I don't see many teams trading into the first half of the draft, considering the economy. That's why when you hear Detroit possibly tradiing for Jay Cutler it never involves the first pick in the draft.

The buzz right now is that if Cutler is traded to Detroit, the Lions would take Baylor left tackle Jason Smith with the first overall pick. The team most affected by this? The Bengals. Just what then will the woeful Bengals do?

Kansas City is shifting to a 3-4 defense and is looking to add the correct pieces. One of them could be an LSU defensive lineman. They're brining in a Bayou Bengal for a workout. Find out who at Arrowhead Pride.

Is Green Bay interested in Michael Johnson?

Niner Nation checks out the 2009 All-Name team. Funny stuff. Sadly, though, no mention of Southern Miss punter Britt Barefoot.