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Traveling the Nation

The completely unbiasedly named Colts Homer takes a look at Michael Hamlin, David Bruton, Chip Vaughn and Alphonso Smith. I'm not sure how well any of those guys would fit in Indianapolis' scheme other than Bruton.

Like many SB Nation football sites, Gang Green Nation is running a mock draft. Their first pick might be a little surprising.

Mocking the Draft isn't the only place you can find scouting reports. Buffalo Rumblings takes a loot at Everette Brown, a player a lot of Bills fans should hope falls to them.

Saintsational of Canal Street Chronicles is mock draft following mad man. This time around, he looks at a mere 92 mocks. Try harder!

Phinsider looks at Miami's worst-ever draft picks. There are some doozies in there. Can you say John Avery? By the way, look for content similar to this here at MTD following the draft. Hopefully this will be a year-round blog.

Halprin over at Blogging the Boys mocks mock drafts. He even mocks your's truly. Here's a mocking right back: If this blog had nothing to do with football, wouldn't it be the creepiest title in the world? I mean, NAMBLA might like it. Burn!