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Lance Armstrong: Did You Say a Hair Sample?

Lance Armstrong was asked for a hair sample by the French Anti-Doping Agency, thus putting professional cyclist in the same category with Blockbuster Video employees as people who have to give hair samples at work. ↵

↵Armstrong was "surprised" when asked for a sample by the French agency, something every doping conspiracy theorist in the world will seize on as, "I was surprised, because I thought I had slipped in my performance-enhancing drugs under the proper screens, which did not include hair samples." Or, if you believe Armstrong has accomplished all he's done without performance-enhancing drugs, the pedaling Texan was genuinely surprised by the new protocol. Judging anything Armstrong says seems to be less a matter of fact, and more a matter of belief. Choose your church accordingly. ↵


↵Either way, you can hear -- um, read for yourself thanks to the magic of Lance's Twitter account: ↵

↵⇥Yet another "surprise" anti-doping control. 24th one. This one from the French authorities. Urine, blood, and hair! Classic. ↵
↵He seems to be taking this well, digitally speaking. He's no Shaq, but Lance's Twitter does feature nice pictures from the road, where Lance is training for the upcoming Tour de France. And no, there's no visible syringes in any of them, you cynical, terrible people.↵

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