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Video: Barack Obama's Full Bracket

This morning, Shanoff discussed the parts of Obama's bracket that were available to the public. At noon, ESPN aired the President filling out his entire bracket with Andy Katz. Via Awful Announcing, here are his picks, game-by-game: ↵
↵ ↵⇥ ↵⇥ ↵⇥ ↵⇥ ↵⇥ ↵⇥ ↵ ↵

↵It's a little chalky, but really, that's the way to go to give yourself the best chance. You're best off to pick a handful of early round upsets (his include VCU, Maryland, Syracuse, Florida State) and then narrow it down to mostly 1 and 2 seeds in the Elite Eight. (Note: I've never in my life won a Madness pool, so grain of salt, people.) ↵


↵On a selfish note, while he didn't pick Maryland to get past Memphis, it does please me to hear him say he like the Terps "personally." Once you get past the obscenities and burning furniture, Maryland fans really are good people. And the President knows this. ↵


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