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Scouting report: Chip Vaughn


Chip Vaughn

6'2, 221 pounds | Wake Forest | Strong safety

As far as safeties in this class go, few look as natural as Vaughn. He has good size and plays with a lot of strength. He can be an intimidating force deep and will really lay a hit on an opponent. As a senior, he supported against the run really well, making several key plays in the backfield. Uses his power in the pass game to break up passes and had 20 over his final two seasons at Wake Forest.


Weaknesses: Watching Vaughn, it's readily apparent that he needs to learn how to react quicker to plays. Struggles in man coverage mostly because he doesn't have the lateral agility to move around with ease. Doesn't play up to his timed speed (4.42 at the Combine). Had some issues with inconsistency during his senior year. For a former wide receiver, Vaughn has pretty bad hands and doesn't make a lot of interceptions.

Final word: Vaughn is a player with a lot of upside after arriving at Wake Forest as a wide receiver. He has transitioned himself into a solid in-the-box strong safety who is a factor against the run. He might need to be coached up a little better in pass coverage, but he has the tools of a starter at the next level.

Round projection: 3