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Scouting report: Antoine Caldwell

Antoine Caldwell

6'3, 305 pounds | Alabama | Center

A four-year starter at Alabaspma, Caldwell is quick off the snap. He uses that immediacy to get good leverage. He maintains it by keeping his hands active. Does a nice job of dropping his hips and holding up at the point of attack. Doesn't waste a motion while he's snapping the ball. Plays with a lot of intelligence and made all the line calls during his career.

Weaknesses: Caldwell is purely an in-line blocker who has trouble on the move, particularly when a play breaks down. Lateral agility and quickness is greatly lacking. Size isn't anything special and will need to get stronger in the pros. Not a finisher and won't intimidate opponents.

Final word: Caldwell has played all along the line, but is by far at his best at center. There, he displays the ability to quickly snap the ball and get into position. He's an intelligent lineman who will be an asset to most teams.

Round projection: 4