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Scouting report: Glen Coffee

Glen Coffee

6'1, 204 pounds | Alabama | Running back

Coffee is a strong running back with a frame to get bigger. He runs with a lot of physicality and seeks out contact. Breaks through most arm tackles. Shows good vision an patience waiting for blockers to open up running lanes. When he see an opening, Coffee has a good burst through the hole. Above average as a pass catcher. Has the tools to be a good blocker. Great character, even following a 2007 suspension.

Weaknesses: With only adequate speed, Coffee's best chance at the next level might be the power half of a two-back system. Needs to get stronger in his lower body to handle the NFL. Gets taken down by average tacklers fairly easily. Missed the entire 2006 season with a knee injury. Suspended four games in 2007 due to an issue with textbooks.

Final word: Another case of a player who should have probably come back for his senior year, Coffee really only one good season at Alabama. His biggest asset is a powerful upper body, but he'll need to get stronger in his lower body. Not a home run threat at all and will benefit from an additional 10 pounds in the NFL.

Round projection:4