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Scouting the news


It's not looking especially good for Knowshon Moreno. At Georgia's pro day today, he ran a 4.63 40-yard dash. Not good. Conversely, cornerback Asher Allen ran a 4.33. Very good. Allen did defend Moreno, which I think is good summation.

"I don’t care what the watch says, if there’s 40 yards between him and the goal line, Knowshon’s going to get there first, I can promise you," Asher told reporters. "I can tell you from personal experience. And NFL folks understand that. He’s as fast as he needs to be but you ain’t gonna bring him down."

Most importantly, Matthew Stafford reportedly threw the ball really well. According to Chip Towers of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Stafford threw 50 passes in 10 minutes, missing only two targets.

The NFL Competition Committee is mulling a change in the draft order. The proposal would call for all draft placement of playoff teams be done based on playoff performance, beginning next season. Currently, only the Super Bowl has an affect on the draft order. This would be bad news for Internet draftniks. That would mean even more guess work on early mock drafts.

This is a bummer. Missouri tight end Chase Coffman still can't work out for NFL teams due to a broken foot suffered in the Alamo Bowl. While I still contend that Coffman is the second-best tight end in the draft, he'll likely slide because teams are becoming enamored with Shawn Nelson, Jared Cook and James Casey. They shouldn't forget that Coffman is bigger and a much better route runner than those three.

A couple years ago, many considered Nate Longshore of California a certain first round pick. Now, he's just hoping to grab a free agent contract. Longshore has some upside, but his injury history and the fact he lost his starting job last season is troubling.