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Cutler, McDaniels Need to Climb the Trust Tree

On Sunday, Ziller posted about Jay Cutler’s hurt feelings after it was learned that the Broncos attempted to trade him as part of a three-way deal to acquire Matt Cassel. Obviously, that didn’t go down. Cutler got all emo about it nonetheless, and essentially suggested the offense would’ve revolted against new coach Josh McDaniels had he been dealt. ↵

↵Cutler being upset may have seemed understandable -- he’s supposed to be the franchise QB. (Although anytime the tables are turned, and a player is holding out, or renegotiating, or leaves for more money, it’s strictly business; no hard feelings.) But, according to Peter King -- via Mike Florio -- Cutler was the one who requested to be traded in the first place: ↵

↵⇥I heard one other interesting thing Sunday: Cutler asked for a trade shortly after the Broncos lost offensive coordinator Jeremy Bates -- Cutler's confidant -- to USC after the season. So maybe both sides need to go into marriage counseling here. ↵
↵So, Cutler reportedly asked the team to do something, then when the team attempted to do exactly what they thought Cutler requested, he said it wasn’t good enough, and they never listen to him, and "you don't need to get me anything for Valentine's Day doesn't actually mean you don't have to get me anything, " and he went and slept at his parent’s house. Yep, marriage counseling sounds about right, Mr. King.↵

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