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DC Comics Wants a Cut of Krypto-Nate Cash

Regardless of what you thought of Nate Robinson's "human Kryptonite" routine in the Dunk Contest, you have to admit that it depended on Dwight Howard's presence. You know, since he's Superman. Apparently not, if you're the NBA. The league was forced by DC Comics, who own the intellectual property rights to Superman, to drop its plans for a commemorative "Krypto-Nate" tee. But for some reason, that's not the end of the gimmick: ↵
↵⇥Robinson's Krypto-Nate scheme -- designed to topple a red-caped Dwight Howard and his Superman shtick -- was too close to home for DC Comics. Kryptonite is the green emerald crystal found on the fictional planet Krypton that weakens Superman. ↵⇥
↵⇥The NBA is now looking to involve DC Comics in future Krypto-Nate endeavors, according to a league source. ↵
↵I guess the NBA learned its lesson, right? So scrap those plans for the "Donald Duck Sterling" doll, meant to rehab the image of the criminal Clippers owner. But what's really stupid here is the possibility of more Krypto-Nate. Don't they know that, without Dwight Howard, kryptonite's just a green rock from space? It's an insult to Nate, and puts Howard in a weird position, too. The league would be hoping Nate dunked on him. And you know Dwight Howard's most useful to the NBA as a prop or failure.↵

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