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Donte Stallworth Reportedly Had a .14 BAC

The Miami Herald and its broadcast partner WFOR are reporting that Donte Stallworth was legally drunk at the time of the accident that ended the life of Miguel Reyes, though the Miami police aren't confirming any details in the ongoing investigation. (WSVN has similar news though they quote their sources more vaguely, saying he was "one to two times" over the legal limit at the time of the accident.) ↵

↵The toxicology results will formally come out today, but advance reports confirm the obvious: Stallworth is in massive legal trouble here. According to WSVN, the likely charge for him will be DUI Manslaughter, a class 2 felony in the state of Florida that carries with it a 15-year maximum jail term. If prosecutors opt for this, no matter what happens, a conviction would mean some time for Stallworth. At 29 years old, jail time would likely end his NFL playing career. ↵


↵Stallworth is reportedly brokenhearted over the incident, Reyes' family is still in mourning, and this is just 8,000 kinds of miserable sadness that could have been prevented with one easy step: calling a cab. Debate a lot in this case if you want, but don't debate one thing: none of this would have happened as it did if Stallworth had called a cab. Even at exorbitant Miami Beach cabbie prices, 70 bucks to get over the bridge and back to your hotel would have been a lot cheaper in every way than what happened here. ↵


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