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NBA Forced to Take Backseat to NCAA

This might be a hopelessly subjective point, and could strike a lot of you as the TSB's resident NBA expert whining so someone will listen. But is it just me, or does nothing of note happen in the NBA during these first, frantic days of March Madness? Sure, you've got Dwight Howard throwing up another 20/20 game; the Suns making some semblance of surge, including four 20-point scorers; Gerald Wallace defied doctor's orders to play; LeBron's notching 3x2's again; Hawks still hot; and Wade's dark horse MVP candidacy temporarily on hold. But you know, that's just some NBA stuff that happens all the time. ↵
↵Meanwhile, Blake Griffin got flipped over, some schools you never heard of had the lead over powerhouses for two minutes, and a good chunk of American males spent the day in something between an opiate haze and a PCP-fueled bender. All for the love of a day in which there was only one notable "upset" -- which I guess is what you call any game where a higher seed bests a lower seed, even if the former is a major school that showed flashes during the year. ↵

↵The main thing is that the media just isn't paying attention to the NBA, which means no flustered quotes, sketchy rumors to respond to, or hyping up of big stories like who really matters for the postseason. Oh, or when Andrew Bynum's coming back. Right now, the Los Angeles Times is saying Phil's saying Bynum's a month away. ↵
↵But whatever. There's craziness in the air, it only happens once a year, and this NBA will still be here -- with only minor alterations -- when things clear up a little and the big boys once again take center stage. I apologize in advance for the awful, fateful day when they will once again dare to show their faces. Also, you might have to hear about it if Kobe outscores the entire teams like he did a few years back. ↵


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