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Scouting report: Kraig Urbik

Kraig Urbik

6'7, 332 pounds | Wisconsin | Guard

Strengths: Urbik defines Big Ten football. He's big, strong and excels in the run game. His lay is based on excellent strength, which is proportioned on his frame. Urbik is hard to move at the point of attack and and handle defensive tackles on his own. Keeps a good base. Continues to play hard until the whistle. A four-year starter for Wisconsin who was durable throughout his career.

Weaknesses: If a team is looking for a mobile guard who is good pulling and trapping, Urbik is not that player. He struggles working at the second level as should be considered an in-line blocker only. Needs to do a better job of keeping his pads low so he doesn't get easily beat by speed rushers who can swim on him. Too much of a lean blocker instead of a mauler.

Final word: At Wisconsin, Urbik lined up at both tackle and guard, but is much better inside. Particularly, he's best on the strong side where he can rely on his power. Named a first-team All Big Ten player as a senior. Started 45 straight games before missing six during his senior year due to a knee injury. May not be a Pro Bowl guard, but he's solid.

Round projection: 4