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Obama, Coach K Kiss and Make Up

President Barack Obama unleashed his bracket on the world Wednesday, and Mike Krzyzewski was reported to have taken offense to Duke being left out of the First Final Four by snarking with a "doesn't he have something more important to deal with?" line. The press played it straight, as if Coach K was really sour and really thought Obama should be holed up in a bunker pulling his hair out. (Also, Coach K really did appear to be serious.)
↵Apparently, it was all a joke. ↵
↵⇥Krzyzewski said he was misrepresented Wednesday on what he called a “throwaway line,” which he intended to be funny, on Obama picking North Carolina to win the NCAA Tournament in an bracket. Krzyzewski said his wife and daughters were more upset than he was. But Krzyzewski still sounded frustrated.
↵⇥“People want at some times to create news, they don't want to report news,” Krzyzewski said Friday during his news conference to preview Duke's second-round NCAA Tournament game with Texas. “And in their zest to create, they tell quarter stories or tenth stories or 25 percent instead of telling the whole thing.” ↵
↵Coach K, boss, man -- your humor is usually too advanced for we the proletariat. We expect simple sarcasm from scrubs like Bruce Pearl and Tim Floyd, not The Mike Krzyzewski. Ever since Coach K argued that Duke doesn't get enough respect from the nation's media ... I mean, that is Next Level humor. We recalibrated our meters to account for the depth and power of Coach K's jokes. Something like the Obama rip has too low a frequency to register on our laugh radar -- it's too basic for a man of Coach K's sense of humor.
↵Oh well, no harm done. Apparently, Obama (through former Dukie Reggie Love) and Coach K texted love notes back and forth. I think we can knock the threat level back to yellow.↵

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