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Soon, DeJuan Blair Will Become the Richest Man in the History of the Universe

↵The Dagger has a great find from Luke Winn of, regarding the reason Pitt's DeJuan Blair is such an amazing rebounder. ↵
↵⇥"I love money, so I act like the basketball is money when I'm rebounding. I pretend that every rebound is a million dollars. And I'm going to go out and get my millions." ↵
↵By my count, Blair has about 770 NCAA rebounds. $770 million wouldn't get DeJuan into the Forbes Top 400, but some good investments and smart financial planning could get him there. In his own mind, where rebounds are sacks of money, of course.
↵Rebounds don't exactly translate into cash in basketball -- points scored are the currency of the NBA -- but it can't hurt. Give this man money, NBA! Barkley 2.0.
↵(Five minutes into Pitt's second round match-up with Oklahoma State, Blair has earned $3 million.)↵

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