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Scouting report: Alex Magee

Alex Magee

6'3, 295 pounds | Purdue | Defensive tackle

At Purdue, Magee played both end and tackle and would be an ideal tackle in a pressure scheme. He uses his quickness at tackle to beat linemen off the snap and get good positioning. Moves laterally really well and has the body control to change direction without losing speed. Long-limbed and has a frame to carry more weight. Team player who switched positions as a senior.

Weaknesses: To make it in the pros, Magee needs to add a lot more power to his frame. Otherwise, when he misses a beat off the snap he can be pushed around. Will sometimes allow blockers into his chest. Gets completely immobilized by double teams. Inconsistent effort and will go long stretches without making an impact.

Final word: Magee looks like a good fit as a 3-4 defensive end. If he stays at tackle in a 4-3, he might be a rotational player who is at his best against the pass. As a senior he played defensive end. Will need to be highly motivated because he's an underachiever.

Round projection: 4