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Hey I'm Back! Did Ya Miss Me?



Sorry I haven't been around here too much this last week, but it was Spring Break around these here parts and my wife and I hopped into the 4ever3-family-truckster right after the funeral (thanks for the well wishes BTW) and headed off to Florida for the week to get away from it all and we just got back today - I haven't even seen the race yet, but I will be watching it right after I post this so look for my post-race commentary on Monday.

The trip was cool.  We drove non-stop to our destination, which took us 27hrs and then when we were done we did it all again and got back in just over 26hrs.  A lot of driving let me tell you, but it was great.

List of events on our vacation:

  • Driving and lots of it - did I mention that already?
  • Space Shuttle launch - we were quite a distance away, but we still saw it
  • The beach - 4 different ones and my daughter's first time in the Atlantic Ocean
  • Shopping - I refuse to participate in this recession
  • Lots of good dinning
  • My daughter's and son's first time seeing a live shark (hammer head) in the water
  • Oh and their first time seeing live gators too

Anyway, I was hoping to get back in time to put up a Discussion Board for today's race, but wasn't able to due to my trip.

I did notice however that my friend MattHaggard put one up on the fanpost.  I appreciate the effort Matt, really, as well as your compliment.  Thanks.

I may be over reacting here, but I want to make this clear to everyone who reads this blog, I don't appreciate comments (past and present) about the frequency in which I post.

Last time I let it go because of the death in the family and I was busy dealing with the aftermath (which is still not over by a long shot either) but this time I'm not letting it go too easily.

As I have said before to everyone who reads this blog I am commited to the sport of NASCAR and this blog but my family comes first and I'm sorry that people die and people have vacations but these are facts of life.

So in the future please think before any of you write because there usually is a good reason why I'm doing what I'm doing - one that you just don't know about and don't need to know about.  But if any of you continue to have 'issues' with my blog then deal directly with me - I do return emails to my readers emails - and keep it out of the comment area.

I don't mind good banter in the comments section - in fact I encourage it - but this type of stuff does not need to be dealt with there.

I don't usually delete comments, fanposts and so on, unless they are spam-like in nature, but I will start if this stuff continues.

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