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Busch vs. Earnhardt: Is There a Feud Brewing?

I was going to write my race observations tonight but I'm going to do someting else instead - I'll do the post-race stuff tomorrow.

I went over to tonight and I found an interesting quote from Kyle Busch that I want to share with you:

"I'm not out there to be No. 1. We all know who No. 1 is and forever will be. To me, I go out there to win races, to be No. 1 on the race track. That's where I feel like I win, where my benefit is. ... For me, I don't think I would enjoy having the most fans out there. I actually like the way I am, the role I portray. And I think that there's probably too much pressure on one guy's shoulders who doesn't seem to win very often. But for us, it's a blast to go out there and do what we do."
-- Kyle Busch, on how fans perceive him

I personally don't know Kyle and I haven't seen the whole interview so I don't know the whole context in which this was said, but my first impression was that he has a serious case of jealousy.

Maybe what NASCAR is trying to do is get the fans more interested in the races by releasing this interview excerpt.  You know create a rivalry where there isn't really one because these two swapped a bit of paint between each other at both Richmond races last year.


If you think about it, it kind of works; the fan's most popular in Dale Jr vs. the fan's most hated in Kyle Busch.

There's only one thing to do now - watch and see what happens next.

So what is your opinion?  Is this a real feud brewing or is it contrived by NASCAR to generate fan interest?

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