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Scouting the news


At North Carolina's pro day, wide receiver Hakeem Nicks showed up at 226 pounds, 14 pounds heavier than he was at the Combine. That makes him one of the heaviest wide receivers in the draft. Ge was already very strong, and this should just add to it.

Connor Barwin was reportedly very impressive at Cincinnati's pro day. He showed up in incredible shape and ran a flat 4.5 40-yard dash twice. Interestingly, Jaguars tight ends coach Mike Tice was in attendance. Some might consider Barwin still a tight end, but they shouldn't.

No team has been more public with their draft process this year than the Bears. The team is looking at a lot of wide receivers, but also may have been giving Wake Forest's Alphonso Smith a long look.

If there is one team that can relate to Detroit, it is Miami. The Dolphins were in almost the same situation as the Lions, going 1-15 in 2007. The Dolphins took a left tackle (Jake Long) and are happy with the pick. Will the same fortune befall the Lions?

Tom Kowalski keeps hitting them out of the park. Today he discusses whether the Lions should take Jason Smith or Matt Stafford. Maybe he should follow the site tomorow at noon to see who gets chosen first in the official SB Nation mock draft.

On draft day, size matters.