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The Bond Between Carmelo and Karl

Carmelo Anthony's a superstar whose limitations (he's not LeBron or Wade) and perceived attitude problems (he's emotional) may haunt his entire career. George Karl is a proven lunatic who, while he's capable of making teams win, always seems to find some way to make it all unravel -- if not come crashing down. ↵
↵So when you started to hear rumors of unrest on the new, Billups-centric Nuggets, of course the culprit was Anthony, butting heads with Karl. In short, the too exacerbate each other's worst qualities. But is it also possible that they understand each other like no other two men on Earth, share a special bond, and will be together until this franchise decides to totally rebuild? ↵
↵These latest quotes from Melo certainly suggest this kind of unholy union. From The Denver Post: ↵
↵⇥"This season me and George haven't had no beef or nothing, no going back and forth," Anthony said. "We've been on the same page, other than that one incident, where things were a miscommunication. But other than that, everything's been cool." ↵⇥
↵⇥Karl agrees. ↵⇥
↵⇥"Even though sometimes some stuff is tough, it brings you to communicate better and work together and be together," Karl said. "And the crazy thing that happened in Indianapolis, I think people who were around knew it was forgotten really quickly because it was such a surprise." ↵
↵It does make a strange kind of cosmic sense, doesn't it? Star mirroring coach, just as son reflects father? Not the only model for running a basketball team, or raising kids. But maybe these episodes of antagonism or tension are growing pains. It also helps a lot that Billups is around to keep the rest of the troops calm and collected. And, while I still think there's a chance Melo will end up with the Knicks, the Nuggets wouldn't really be going in a new direction if they permanently replaced Anthony with protege J.R. Smith.↵

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