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SB Nation Writers Mock Draft: Round 1, Pick #6

No. 6


Pick by Cincy Jungle

Andre Smith
Offensive tackle


Closing out the second day of the official SB Nation mock draft is Kirkendall, manager of Cincy Jungle, home of the best logo on the SB Network.

Cincinnati’s 32nd ranked offense, which sounds better than saying worst offense in the league, was largely hampered by several factors; without detailing everything, let’s just say most of it hung on the sub-par performances with the offensive line. In the past calendar year, the Bengals have lost Willie Anderson and Stacy Andrews, and word keeps circulating that Cincinnati is looking to release Levi Jones if no trade partners are found. In that time, Cincinnati has acquired one tackle, drafting Anthony Collins in the fourth round of the 2008 NFL Draft. Based on depreciating talent from recent departures, and the overall performance of last year’s worst offense, the Bengals are desperately looking to upgrade the offensive line.

Their targets are like most others, Jason Smith and Eugene Monroe leading the pack; after that, it muddles into a debate between Michael Oher and Andre Smith. Setting aside a moment that the Bengals could be drafting the fourth best tackle with their sixth overall pick, and setting aside the embarrassing Combine, Pro Day and Sugar Bowl suspension, Andre Smith was highly noted for his performances in 2008. After he faced a one-game suspension to end his collegiate career with nose-diving career tryouts that can cost, or earn, a player millions, Smith’s name turned to ash.

Whether it’s Andre Smith, Jason Smith, Eugene Monroe, or Michael Oher, the Bengals will, and should, go after an offensive tackle in the first round, stabilizing the offensive line so Carson Palmer and the Bengals can actually succeed with a critical vertical game.

MTD thoughts: I completely understand the reasoning behind this selection, but I totally disagree with the player chosen. If the Bengals want a tackle, Oher should be the pick. He has nowhere near the baggage Smith does. The Bengals need a surefire pick, and that is what Oher would provide them. There is no bigger boom or bust in this draft than Smith.

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