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Hanley Knows How to Play Office Politics

On a recent episode of The Office, Jim wore a tuxedo to work as a way of mocking Dunder Mifflin’s strict dress code policy. In my office, I shun it by wearing mismatched socks. It’s a bold statement of defiance. Better than either of those is the way in which Marlins stud shortstop Hanley Ramirez voiced his displease over the franchise’s newly adopted dress code: ↵
↵⇥After the star shortstop was forced to shear his long locks, he strolled through the clubhouse sharing his opinion of the new fashion rules across his chest … ↵⇥

↵⇥"I'm sick of this s---," the message read, in thick Sharpie letters. ↵⇥

↵Hanley then went on to demand a trade. Apparently, he really, really liked those corn rows. After a talk with the team president and the GM, Hanley calmed down and said everything was fine. ↵The moral: If you want to properly express your displeasure with an office policy, just scribble an expletive across your button-up shirt. Which should be worn with a tie and properly tucked into your pants (no jeans). Which are to be worn with closed-toe, non-athletic shoes. This will certainly get you an audience with your boss that will not at all result in your dismissal from the company. Still though, the mismatched socks thing … it’s pretty anarchist.↵

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