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SB Nation Writers Mock Draft: Round 1, Pick #7

No. 7


Pick by Silver and Black Pride

Michael Crabtree
Wide receiver

Texas Tech

Beginning the third day of picks is Oakland and Silver and Black Pride blogger TheRaiderWay. Let's see how Al Davis-like he is.

Every living, breathing, silver and black bleeding Oakland Raider fan is foaming at the mouth for the chance at seeing Michael Crabtree team up with a very young offense that already has Zach Miller, Darren McFadden, Michael Bush, Johnnie Lee Higgins and JaMarcus Russell.

He was the best receiver in the NCAA for the past two seasons and is only 21 years old. With the offensive line upgraded with the additions of Samson Satele and Khalif Barnes, the Raiders have put themselves in position to be able to draft the best player in the draft. This pick was a definite No-Brainer.

His ability to consistently catch passes in traffic, break away from defenders and get up after high passes make him a legitimate No. 1 receiver in the NFL which will finally give JaMarcus Russell the target he needs to take his game to the next level.

MTD thoughts: In a mock draft or the real one at the end of April, this has to be the pick. The development of Russell is dependent on giving him a true No. 1 wide receiver, and that is what Crabtree provides. While he hasn't been able to work out all offseason, Crabtree's play is an exemplary talent.

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