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SB Nation Writers Mock Draft 2009: Top 5 Picks Recapped

The top 5 picks are in, and already people are doing what is most fun during mock draft madness: Second guessing!

1. Detroit Lions: Aaron Curry, OLB, Wake Forest

Drafter: SeanYuille

Mocking Dan's Thoughts: If he is indeed the team's choice, Detroit will immediately have one of the best linebacking trios in the NFL.
2. St. Louis Rams: Jason Smith, OT, Baylor

Drafter: VanRam

Mocking Dan's Thoughts: Of all the teams at the first round, Smith fits best with St. Louis where he'll still be able to use his finesse.
3. Kansas City Chiefs: Eugene Monroe, OT, Virginia

Drafter: Chris

Mocking Dan's Thoughts: The only thing making this questionable is putting Monroe on the right side.
4. Seattle Seahawks: Matthew Stafford, QB, Georgia

Drafter: John Morgan

Mocking Dan's Thoughts: This is a solid pick because he'll get to sit behind Hasselbeck for at least a year and learn.
5. Cleveland Browns: Brian Orakpo, DE, Texas

Drafter: Chris Pokorny

Mocking Dan's Thoughts: The success of this pick boils down to whether or not Orakpo has the agility to play linebacker. I'm not completely certain he does.
Check out the latest picks, Mocking Dan's comments on the picks, and fan reaction right here. The 2009 SB Nation Writers Mock Draft rolls on...